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Make Windows 10 Stop Asking For A Password When Resuming From Sleep Windows 10 handles resume from sleep a bit differently than former versions of Windows. For example, our Windows 7 power policies that are deployed via group policy to the domain mostly work, but not fully. The biggest issue we've run in to is on machines that require NO password on resume/wake - like a time clock station, for example.
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Prove Your Humanity Login Feature In Wordpress Over the past few months, many Wordpress users may have noticed a math question appearing on the login screen. Along with the username/password boxes, an additional selection box "Prove Your Humanity" has appeared. We initially thought this was a part of a plug in we had installed for captcha security. We disabled the functionality within the plugin for the login screen and finally removed the plug in totally, only to find this math question was still present.Image : Prove Your Humanity Prompt With Jetpack/Protect Module Enabled.
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Cannot Run .EXE Files After Malware Cleanup ISSUE After virus/malware/spyware infection, all programs (.exe) fail to launch, claiming to be infected with a virus.  This can occur before or after a malware infection.
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Company And Social Media Updates Company Update DNS Texas has been in business since 1997 offering discount computer services and adapting in later years to include advanced hosting services.  In late 2014 we joined a powerhouse group of other experts in the I.T. industry and formed Aggressive Virtual, L.L.C.  This was, unfortunately, a short lived project and in June 2016, DNS Texas broke away and moved back to an independently owned and operated company.
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Adobe Flash Player - Emergency Update - April 2016 Adobe Flash Player - Emergency Update - April 2016 Adobe has released a critical patch for it's popular Flash Player. This patch addresses a vulnerability that has been discovered allowing "drive-by" infections of ransomware and a flaw that can potentially allow an attacker to take control of an infected computer. This vulnerability affects all platforms running Flash Player, including Windows, Macintosh, Linux and Chrome O/S.
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DNS Texas Switching SPAM Filters After many years with GFI Mailessentials, we have decided it's time to move on. The new 2016 pricing structure at GFI would have forced us to raise our rates to cover the additional costs charged by GFI. We are committed to keeping your costs as low as possible, so effective 01 April 2016, DNS Texas will be switching from GFI to XEAMS for anti-spam and anti-virus protection.
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Malware And Ransomware Threats 2016 Malware And Ransomware Threats 2016 : DNS Texas is seeing a large increase in the amount of Phishing and malicious emails hitting our systems. As a result, we are providing this information so you can better protect yourself, in the event one of these malicious emails/files makes it to your inbox or computer. This is a living document and will be updated with any new information as we run across it. Please feel free to share your suggestions and note anything we may have missed in the comments area below.
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Yoast SEO XML Sitemap Showing 404 Page Not Found In Wordpress A 404 error indicates 'page not found'. If you have recently installed Yoast SEO and your XML Sitemap is showing a 404 error when you click it, follow this simple step to resolve the issue:
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