DNS Texas was officially founded in mid 1997 after first being known as ShadowCat Systems (1989-1997).  The company initially started as a hardware support and repair organization working on both PCs and MACs.  We’re no stranger to technology though, after launching The ShadowCat BBS (bulletin board system) in 1989. we had great success, beating out hundreds of other systems, all leading the way to the current internet/hosting world.

Over the years, we found how difficult it was to work with various hosting companies on a seemingly simple projects. In our own experience, we have found there are many silly rules, poor customer service, odd billing practices and use of low-end hardware to achieve the best prices.  As times have changed drastically from the early days of DNS Texas, we have shifted more towards hosting solutions.  Our philosophy is simple, offer advanced services at competitive rates for residential customers all the way up to big business.

Over the years, hardware repairs have dropped off.  Computers are much lower priced now than back in the day and many just replace hardware without hesitation.  We continue to work with our former hardware customers as needed, but have moved with the times into the internet world.  Since 2007, we’ve helped many get their websites going. setup their secure, private e-mail accounts and registered hundreds of domains.  We aren’t a huge fortune 500 company and we’re fine with that!  We want to keep the experience more personal and remain grounded in reality, not having everything tied up in corporate red tape!  We respect your privacy and never sell our customer lists to anyone. We also do not market other companies ads on our site or constantly try and up-sell our customers.

We appreciate our customers and invite you to give us a try!  We’d love to work with you on your technology needs!
Thanks for visiting the DNS Texas website!

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