DNS Texas Offsite Backup Solutions

What is your backup strategy? What would happen if your home or small business office were a victim of fire, flood, theft, tornado or even ransomware/virus?  Can you afford to lose the photos, music, videos and documents stored on your computer(s)?  This is a question most people, when asked, answer with “Well, I never thought about that“…  There are many ways to backup your data, whether it be to USB drive, external hard drive or even DVD/Blu-ray, but these are all manual processes and depending on how much data you have to backup, can be quite time consuming.  Consider also that these USB drive(s), external hard drive(s) or DVD/Blu-ray disc(s) should be stored offsite and still kept secure…  What a pain!

Introducing a solid data backup solution to combat the ever growing ransomware threats and protect data from fire, flood, tornado, viruses, accidental damage or hard drive crashes all with minimal effort required on your part.

With the DNS Texas cloud backup service, an offsite, simple backup service where your data is automatically backed up and revision history is automatically retained, while keeping your data fully secured using your choice of password and encryption algorithms.  Your data can be accessed anytime for quick, painless restores!

  • Our backup client is GUI driven and is easy to setup.  You define encryption type and password.  Encryption is applied from your computer/server, through the internet to its resting location, where it remains encrypted, keeping prying eyes off of your data!
  • It’s cross-platform!  Our backup software is available for Windows, Linux and Macintosh.
  • We offer backup software versions to effectively backup Windows Desktop/Laptop Computers (Windows 7/8/8.1/10), Mac Desktop/Laptop Computers (OS X/Mavericks/Yosemite/El Capitan), Linux Servers (Red Hat 6,7/Fedora 12,21/CentOS 6,7/Suse 11,12/Ubuntu 12,14), Windows Servers (Server SBS2011/2008R2/Essentials 2012/2012/2012R2/2016), Hyper-V, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange Server and Bare Metal Recovery (Restore with USB Flash on select systems).
  • Backed by the Microsoft Cloud (Microsoft Azure), your secure backups are co-located in both an east coast and west coast data center, providing geo-redundancy and extreme up-time/availability.
  • Pick a backup schedule!  You can elect to backup your file(s) upon each change, daily, weekly, monthly or at any interval in between.  Set the schedule and forget about it!
  • Restoring data is quick and easy, simply open the backup client software, select the folder(s) or file(s) you need to restore and let the magic happen.  Speeds limited only by your internet connection.
  • Buy the amount of pooled space you need for backups, any computers/server on your account can access the storage ‘pool’, so to add other machines to your account, simply add another license for the backup software and you’re off!  Storage pools can be increased in size as needed, we offer space from 10gb (smallest) all the way to 5tb and more if needed.
  • Serious security!  You can pick whether or not to use AES encryption on your backups.  We recommend you do, set the level from 128 to 256bit and your decryption password.  You can also elect to encrypt filenames for even more security.  Only those with the decryption password will be able to access your files.  No password, no data, even if it falls into the wrong hands!  Your data is encrypted end-to-end.
  • Save space…   Our offsite backup solutions offers on-the-fly data compression to save space in your storage pool.  Depending on the type(s) of data you are backing up, you can achieve up to 50% compression in some cases.  Note: most average users see a backup compression rate of 1.5 – 2.0, so for 100gb of standard uncompressed data, you would only use approximately 50-75gb of pooled storage.  Some files cannot compress, like MP4 and MP3 files.  Images and documents can see significant compression in most cases.
  • Save bandwidth – after your initial backup completes, future backups are based on changes, so you can have numerous backups of file revision changes all in your storage pool, compressed and encrypted.  Bandwidth controls are also available in the program options, limit the amount of internet bandwidth the backups can consume, so on slower connections, you can still surf while backups are running!

Offsite Backup – Frequently Asked Questions

How is this any different than Dropbox, Google Drive or One Drive? These services offer sync and share services, they backup only files you’ve selected to share.  Some do offer encryption, but it’s not like the encryption we offer with revision level changes.  Also these services are not fully automated like our backup solution is.

I don’t live in a place where I’m worried about theft or severe weather, I don’t need this. That’s great and very rare!  Fire and theft can happen anywhere.  Have you ever accidentally trashed a file or deleted something that you wish you could get back?  With the DNS Texas offsite backup service, you could instantly restore the trashed or deleted item from your backup!

What is encryption? Encryption is the method of encoding data so that it is unreadable without the encryption key.  The DNS Texas backup software uses AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) to secure data.  This is the same encryption technology employed by the NSA (National Security Agency) and U.S. Government to protect classified information.

Would this have save me from my files getting cryptolocked or the recent WannaCry threat? If your files were backed up the DNS Texas cloud backup solution, YES, you would have been protected by having a secure, off-site copy of your data.  In the event you did get cryptolocked, you could simply restore the encrypted files back to their original state.  If you were also backing up the operating system, you can restore any damaged system files also.  Alternately, you could restore your computer back to a restore point or perform a fresh install, re-install the backup software and restore your data.

When might I use a restore? Memories and irreplaceable photos, videos and documents live on computers and servers.  Backing them up protects these critical documents and those irreplaceable memories.  Too often, procrastinators wait until an emergency occurs before thinking about backups.

Here are some common scenarios to consider:

  • Computer Crash – your hard drive crashes, all data is inaccessible.
  • Virus/Malware/Ransomware – your files are overwritten by malicious software or encrypted by the bad guys demanding $$ for the decryption key.  Often times, even after a ransom is paid, the decryption key is never provided leaving you without data and out hard earned money too.
  • Theft – your desktop or laptop is stolen, although you suffer a hardware loss, at least your data is still available for when it’s replaced!
  • Fire/Flood/Tornado – you lose everything, laptops, desktops, servers – a complete data loss can be devastating, not only to home users but can also cost tremendous amounts in lost productivity for small business.
  • Accidents – we all have them!  Accidentally leave your laptop on the car roof?  Spilled liquids in your laptop?  Leave your laptop in the car and have it stolen overnight?  Yes, there are numerous ways to lose data – you don’t have to be one of the statistics for data loss though!

An even sweeter deal? For a limited time, a DNS Texas backup expert will work with you to setup your software to perform the optimal backup for your computer/environment at no charge!  We’ll walk you through the process via phone or can do a remote session and show you the steps, configuring as we go.

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