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Company News

  • April 2023, DNS Texas drops web hosting, domain registrations and SSL registrations for NEW customers. Existing customers still have full support and hosted offerings with no changes.
  • November 2022, DNS Texas beginning website refresh. Upcoming news: Exchange server upgrades coming soon!
  • March 2021, DNS Texas introduces new flat rate service charges for both remote and onsite services (effective 01 April 2020). We have also made changes to our late payment policy and split web hosting offerings into personal and business. See full details here: https://www.dnstexas.com/202103/dns-texas-service-change-announcement
  • July 2020, DNS Texas enables DDoS and other protection measures on hosted WordPress wp-login.php and xmlrpc.php files. Utilizing, in part, the CloudFlare network to protect against unauthorized logins and brute force login attempts. This is a free protection service for all hosted customers that is implemented at the server level, no user action required to benefit from this protection. If you encounter any issues logging in to your WordPress admin portal or if you wish to opt-out [Open A Ticket] and request opt-out of the DDoS protection service.
  • June 2020, DNS Texas moves hosted DNS lookup services behind CloudFlare DDoS Protection Systems. This is in response to ongoing, non-stop attacks on our systems. Hosted customers will not need to make any changes or change the way they do anything. This is an automatic change at the server level.
  • May 2020, DNS Texas switching SPAM filters.  Please review the following for complete details : https://www.dnstexas.com/202005/spam-filter-switch-2020
  • March 2020, DNS Texas customers who need assistance with work-from-home scenarios due to CoronaVirus are encouraged to contact us for work-from-home options. NOTE: This only applies to customers where DNS Texas manages your services/servers/hosted solutions.
  • March 2020, DNS Texas temporarily suspends onsite services due to CoronaVirus outbreaks. Remote and phone support are still fully available.
  • January 2020, DNS Texas partners with PIA to provide [secure VPN access] for all at a great low price!
  • February 2019, The DNS Texas website has been updated to a more modern looking theme. The billing system also had a facelift. At this time the update is completed. Please report any issues if you find something isn’t working right for you.
  • December 2018, All hosted web sites that are managed via DNS Texas support services have been updated to use Google Captcha v3 for posts, login pages and comments. Site owners do not need to take any action, your sites have automatically been upgraded. [Learn More]
  • July 2018, All domains registered through DNS Texas have been automatically updated to include WhoIsGuard at no extra charge. WhoisGuard is a service that allows customers to keep their domain contacts confidential from spammers, marketing firms and online fraudsters.
  • January 2018, All hosted WordPress sites get automatic engine and plug-in updates at no additional charge. Site owners can opt-out if they wish to manually deploy their own updates, otherwise DNS Texas automatically handles keeping your site up-to-date from the latest security vulnerabilities.
  • May 2017, Customers see a slight price increase for offsite backup services due to increased operating costs.
  • May 2017, Added additional anti-ransomware attachment scanning to e-mail SPAM filters.
  • Mar 2017, Subnet/carrier redundant Web & E-mail hosting clusters brought online.
  • Feb 2017, Speed increases for hosted Exchange e-mail clients.
  • Jan 2017, Upgraded all web hosting and MySQL database hosting to pure SSD storage.


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