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DNS Texas Switching SPAM FiltersDNS Texas Switching SPAM Filters

After many years with GFI Mailessentials, we have decided it’s time to move on. The new 2016 pricing structure at GFI would have forced us to raise our rates to cover the additional costs charged by GFI. We are committed to keeping your costs as low as possible, so effective 01 April 2016, DNS Texas will be switching from GFI to XEAMS for anti-spam and anti-virus protection.

DNS Texas Switching SPAM Filters
This change will impact all hosted e-mail customers on the DNS Texas hosting platforms.
We expect to start this migration on 3/31/2016 after 10pm CST

Commonly Asked Questions

What Will Be Different?
XEAMS looks a little different, but has all of the same core functionality as the GFI system did. You will still be able to login to the SPAM gateway and approve any quarantined message(s) and you will still receive the daily emails with a summary of the SPAM caught for your account(s). The reports are still scheduled for 7am and 7pm daily.

Will This Affect My Hosting Costs?
No, your costs will not change as a result of this platform switchover.

Do I Still Use NOSPAM Reporting?
Absolutely! If you get a message that you deem as SPAM, simply ‘forward’ a copy to [email protected] and delete it from your inbox.

What About The GFI System And My Existing Quarantine?
Since XEAMS is a completely different product that GFI, historical information will not move over, neither will your former quarantine databases. We will leave the old system enabled for reviewing and/or approving of quarantined items until 15 April 2016. No new items will appear in GFI after the cutover.

Will My POP To Exchange Functionality Still Work?
Yes, if you are using the POP to Exchange functionality, it will move over to the XEAMS system and work the same way as before. You should not notice a difference in this part of the system.

Will There Be An Outage During The Cutover?
We expect there will be a slight disruption on inbound and outbound e-mail after 10pm on 3/31/2016 while routing is being updated. We do not expect a large e-mail outage – users will not lose services to mobile e-mail, webmail or Microsoft Outlook during the cutover.

What About Any Addresses I Have Whitelisted?
Although your ‘personal whitelists’ will no longer show up – they are not lost. The personal whitelists have been reviewed and anything on them has been migrated to the master whitelists for your domain.

Do I Need To Change Anything On My Computer Or Devices?
No, this is a server based change. You will not need to re-configure or make any changes to anything you currently have setup.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the cutover, please [contact us] and let us know!
We will work with you one on one or your organization to ensure a seamless migration.


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