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DNS Texas : E-mail Server UpgradeDNS Texas : E-mail Server Upgrade

Starting 04 March 2017, DNS Texas will begin a mass migration to our new e-mail server farm. You will receive an e-mail from us, if you are a part of this migration. Here’s what you need to know:

  • The migration will upgrade our mail platform from Microsoft Exchange 2010 to Microsoft Exchange 2013
    • Microsoft Exchange 2013 supports:
      • Microsoft Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016
      • Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Opera web browsers for webmail
      • Apple iOS (iphone/ipad), Android 3.0 and higher and Windows Phone for over the air synchronization
    • You may have up to 10 devices in-sync with a single account hosted at DNS Texas
  • There will be username changes – your current dnstexas\username will change to your primary e-mail address for logins after the migration
  • There will be a password policy – you will need to use a strong password (upper case, lower case and number and/or symbol, 8 characters recommended minimum)
  • The migration will be performed at no charge – including any remote support needed to reconfigure your account(s)
  • You will need to update your phones, tablets and Microsoft Outlook clients with the new server settings. We will be in touch to assist with this.
  • You will not lose any e-mails during this process, HOWEVER:
    • Your mailbox will be unavailable for a little while, while the new system comes online. This process is expected to start around 11am on 3/4/2017.
    • Your mailbox will be ‘new’ and empty to begin with, only new messages will be present – your contacts, calendars, tasks and of course former e-mails will migrate over, but this will take some time based on the size of your current mailbox
  • If you are on an unsupported version of Microsoft Outlook (Outlook 2000 or 2003, which are way past end of life from Microsoft), you will need to upgrade. Possible options:
    • Upgrade to a newer version, if you have access to it, you must be on Office 2007 or higher to use Microsoft Outlook with the new servers
    • License a copy of the Microsoft Outlook portion of Microsoft Office from DNS Texas (monthly lease). This will add a small amount to your monthly hosting fee, but will provide you with a copy of Microsoft Outlook 2016. Note: this is Outlook only, not Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.
    • Switch over to webmail or use your phone/tablet (no additional charge)
  • You will be switching to a slightly newer version of the Xeams SPAM Filter, your login information will be provided once your account is active on the new system. You will still have access to manage your spam, as you do now, however, history will be reset. If you still need access to your current SPAM account, we can still provide it as needed. Within 14 days that former Xeams SPAM filter will be removed from service.
  • If you are hosting a website with DNS Texas, your e-mail account is likely already included in your package. If you are not hosting any other services with DNS Texas, there is a change you need to be aware of. We will discuss this when we contact you, as there may be other qualifying services.
    • New Microsoft Licensing and SPAM filter licensing are making it where we cannot provide free e-mail accounts anymore. We will help you move your current account to a new provider, or you can choose to keep it here. If you choose to keep it here, a monthly charge of $3.95/mailbox must be charged, starting April 2017. When we contact you to provide the new logins, we can discuss any questions you may have about this change.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the DNS Texas helpdesk at 682-231-3295 or send an e-mail to [email protected]

Thank you for choosing DNS Texas to assist with your technology needs! We look forward to continuing working with you!

DNS Texas Operations
Phone: 682-231-3295
Helpdesk: [email protected]


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