Ransomware Alert – June 27 2017

On Tuesday 6/27/2017 another massive ransomware attack hit the world.  This one is known as ‘Petya’ appears to have originated from a highly sophisticated Russian strain of the WannaCry strand that hit back in May 2017.  The ransomware, if launched, will encrypt all files on the user’s computer, making them unusable.  The ‘worm’ also transmits […]


  What Is MalwareBytes? MalwareBytes 3.x is the latest version of the popular Malware fighting tool. It now incorporates Anti-Malware, Anti-Ransomware, Anti-Exploit and provides real-time protection from malicious websites. The new 3.x version is designed to REPLACE your existing antivirus and offers more benefits than traditional antivirus can offer.  For those who feel safer keeping […]