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Happy New Year (2023)
Happy New Year (2023)

Thank you for choosing DNS Texas for your technology needs.  We hope your 2023 is full of good fortune and health! Here are things you need to know about 2023 and any potential billing/service changes that may be upcoming.



Contacting DNS Texas – we can be reached via phone or by submitting a support ticket.  See our official [Contact Us] page for operating hours and current contact phone numbers, along with our social media pages.  It’s important to note we do not accept text messages as forms of contact for requesting technical support as many of our numbers do not support text messaging (office phones).  To request technical support – please use one of the following methods:

[list][listitem]Sales/Support: 817.678.7350 / Toll Free – 888.787.4820 / Fax : 817.506.7515[/listitem] [listitem]Email Contact : [email protected]  (preferred method)[/listitem] [listitem]Web Site Contact (Open A Ticket) : https://clients.dnstexas.com/submitticket.php  (preferred method)[/listitem] [/list]

Beware of scammers!  DNS Texas will never send out an email or call you and ask for your login credentials for email, billing or any other system we maintain, the exception being if we are actively working with you on a ticket you have open for a problem. 

Be cautious of fake emails – those emails asking you click links or things will expire, those asking for gift cards or some other type of medical emergency, even if the display name is someone you know.  This type of email attack (known as phishing) has greatly increased in 2021 and 2022, it shows no signs of slowing down in 2023!

Report SPAM – if DNS Texas is hosting your email services, you can report any messages you consider SPAM or JUNK to the NoSpam Robot – they will be reviewed and have action taken based on contents/threat level of the reported message.  To report a email to the NoSpam Robot, simply:

[list] [listitem]Open the email in question[/listitem] [listitem]Click ‘Forward’ and in the TO: field, enter [email protected][/listitem] [listitem]Click ‘Send’ and then delete the message from your inbox – no other action required[/listitem] [/list]

Billing Changes

There are no billing changes scheduled for 2023 at this time.  The last rate change bulletin from 01 April 2021 remains in effect.  If you’d like to review it, it can be found here : https://www.dnstexas.com/202103/dns-texas-service-change-announcement

Service Changes

In 2023, the following changes to services are scheduled:

Email System Upgrade 2023 – we will be upgrading the email experience from Exchange 2013 to Exchange 2019.  This upgrade will only affect NON-VOICE customers (those who do not use the DNS Texas/Cisco hosted phone system solution).  More information will be sent out closer to the upgrade actually occurring.  We expect this process to begin in March 2023 and will be rolled out little by little over the remaining months.  When all non voicemail using customers are updated, we’ll be circling back to the voice users.

Phone System Upgrades – we will be visiting with customers hosted on the Cisco 7970 phone systems and begin discussing updating your equipment as these phones are reaching end-of-life.  We will reach out to these customers and schedule upgrades according to best scheduling for you.  The current system will remain in place and functioning, so this is not a rush process, consider this notice an FYI.



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