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Removing Your Mail Server From Popular BlacklistsRemoving Your Mail Server From Popular Blacklists
Includes links to popular blacklist checkers too –

If you run an e-mail server, one day it’s bound to happen… You’re going to land on a blacklist somewhere and your normal mailflow is going to get disrupted. We deal with this fairly regularly and decided to write up a quick article to assist other email administrators with blacklist removal links to the most popular blacklisting organizations – in a single, easy to use location.

Removing Your Mail Server From Popular BlacklistsNote : This is a live document and may have frequent updates, check back often!


Blacklist checkers are often the first resource to hit if you suspect you’ve been blacklisted. the most popular blacklist checkers are listed below. You should routinely check multiple checkers listed below to ensure your sending mail server(s) are not listed.



The links below will allow you to lookup and often remove yourself from blacklists maintained by the organizations listed. These are some of the most popular sites where having a mail server blacklisted will impact delivery the most.

America Online (AOL)
Domain(s) Affected: aol.com

AT&T Blacklist
Domain(s) Affected: ameritech.net, att.net, bellsouth.net, flash.net, nvbell.net, pacbell.net, prodigy.net, sbcglobal.net, snet.net, swbell.net, wans.net

Barracuda / Barracuda Central
Domain(s) Affected: Any

Domain(s) Affected: Any

Domain(s) Affected: gmail.com

Domain(s) Affected: Any

Domain(s) Affected: Any

Passive Spam Black List (PSBL)
Domain(s) Affected: any

Sender Score
Domain(s) Affected: Any

Domain(s) Affected: Any

Domain(s) Affected: Any

Domain(s) Affected: Any

Domain(s) Affected: Any

UCE Protect
Domain(s) Affected: Any

Domain(s) Affected: yahoo.com, ymail.com

Note: Yahoo uses SenderScore to assist with mail validity, any scores under ’80’ will result in delivery issues. They also incorporate SpamHaus SPAM prevention, so you should check both of these resources also (links below). You can apply to Yahoo as a bulk mailer if you send a lot of emails to Yahoo domains, this will greatly reduce the number of times you may be blacklisted. The request form can be found here: https://io.help.yahoo.com/contact/index?y=PROD_POST&page=contactform


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