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POODLE Vulnerability In IIS - Windows

POODLE Vulnerability In IIS – Windows


More Info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/POODLE
SSL “POODLE” vulnerability disclosed in September 2014. Allows for man-in-the-middle type data loss, which takes advantage of internet and security software clients fallback to SSL 3.0. This attack is not as serious as Heartbleed and Shellshock attacks that also hit earlier in 2014.
This article focuses on the POODLE Vulnerability In IIS – Windows

All Web Servers Running HTTPS
Windows Internet Information Server (IIS), All Versions That Use HTTPS

This is not a defect in the web servers themselves, but is a flaw in the SSL 3.0 protocol itself. This means it is cross platform, including Mac, Linux, Unix and Windows.

This article ONLY focuses on patching for Windows Internet Information Servers (IIS). Please consult your favorite search engine for patching suggestions on other platforms.

A hotfix has been included in this article to quickly patch Windows IIS. This attachment will modify entries in the registry relating to the SCHANNEL security, and set both SSL 2.0 and SSL 3.0 to disabled, as recommended by security experts to ‘patch’ POODLE.

Download: [POODLE_Fix_IIS_All] (.reg file) – once downloaded on the affected server, simply double-click and allow import. A RESTART of the server is required.

AFTER RESTART : You should test to ensure that none of your mission critical applications experience any issues. If they do, you can reverse the process, by modifying the downloaded .reg file and setting the DWORD value to 00000001.

Use of this fix has proven helpful to many, however, DNS Texas is not responsible for any issues that may arise. Use at your own risk.


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