Coronavirus (Covid-19) Response
Coronavirus (Covid-19) Response

DNS Texas has temporarily suspended all onsite services effective 11 March 2020.

We will re-schedule any pending onsite calls after the pandemic calms down or passes.

UPDATE: We are slowly beginning to offer onsite services, in limited capacity beginning July 1 2020.

We are still providing phone and remote support services.

However, have been under heavy call volume for the past few days.  We are requesting anyone requiring technical assistance to [open a support ticket]  (alternately e-mail [email protected] or call 817-678-7350)  to ensure your issues are addressed.

Note: Although we attempt to respond to those sending direct emails or text messages, these are not officially supported ways to request assistance and during heavy workloads often get overlooked. We highly recommend opening a ticket whenever possible.

Employers needing staff to work remotely…

Those who have employees that are needing work-from-home capabilities -AND- use DNS Texas for hosted services/servers, please let us know.  We can set your designated staff up with remote access.  Note: supervisors or owners can request this service, not employees directly.  If you are an employee and need work from home, you should talk to your supervisor as we cannot activate this access without your supervisors approval.

Coronavirus Additional Information

Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases – Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE)
This is an interactive map – click and drag to navigate or zoom. [Source]
The above map uses data from WHO, CDC, China CDC, China National Health Commission and Dingxiangyuan


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